(New York – New York) Olde New York & The New Yorker

Mapmaker: Steinberg, Saul

(New York – New York) Olde New York & The New Yorker


  • ~Catalog 53~
  • (New York – New York) Olde New York & The New Yorker

    There are a few maps that are archetypal enough that everyone recognizes and remembers them. And while many will think “map” and conjure up the works of Ortelius, Blaeu and Speed, for many, these famous tongue in cheek cartographs that were featured on the cover of New Yorker magazine can be some of the first things brought to mind. The cover images made by Steinberg grow out of a tradition of distorted comical maps that play with size and significance, and Steinberg summed a certain urbanite mind set very well. On his map titled “The New Yorker” the view is to the west from 9th Ave where we see the Hudson River, a sliver called New Jersey, a patch of land which notes only a handful of the fly-over states and cities, until you reach the Pacific Ocean and the looming land masses of China, Japan and Russia. On the second map titled “Olde New York” we are looking east from 5th Ave seeing the East River, a bit of Queens and a patch of New England, Brooklyn and Long Island, but its a short hop across the Atlantic to reach Ireland, England, France and Africa. Both of these posters were published in the same year as the initial Steinberg cover and are in good condition with some scuffing and wear.

    each map measures 17.5 x 13, full color