New Zealand

Mapmaker: MacDonald Gill

New Zealand


  • ~Catalog 55~
  • NEW ZEALAND Her Natural and Industrial Resources

    A beautiful map from a mapmaker that is being appreciated more and more for his foundational pictorial style, Macdonald Gill. His beautiful composition, cultural additions, fluid deco style and bold color use became an approach that was copied directly by some, and influential to many. If a map is a perception of geography, his perception is dimensional, informational and well integrated.

    This large map for New Zealand shows the islands during the War years with a focus on resources and produce. From Wheat, Gold and Cheese to Oil, Fruit and Coal, natural resources are noted with dozens of vignettes, including flocks of sheep and cattle. A small textblock mentions how also at the time New Zealand had a growing munitions industry and how when "the war is over, New Zealand will convert her new industries for peace-time development".

    A rare and dramatic map .

    Condition is good for this canvas backed map, with some light soiling and wear, but printed color that still remains strong. Image size is 29.25 x 19.5(inches).