(North America) A Map of North America...

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(North America) A Map of North America...

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  • ~Catalog 60~
  • A Map of North America With the European Settlements & whatever else is remarkable in ye West Indies, from the latest and best Observations.

    A dramatic and attractive engraving. While its true that it is late for the map to include California as an island it includes a wealth of the latest substance about the developing colonies and settlements along the Mississippi basin, amidst some older fading geographic conceptions. Includes the La Hontan information in the West, just above a large statement of “Parts Unknown”. The nearby isle of California is dotted with several towns and placenames near the southern tip and is labeled prominently in the north as a British possession with the name “New Albion”. Includes a wealth of tribal names from the Spanish missions in New Mexico to the headwaters of the Mississippi river and beyond. McLaughlin, G. 228.

    Condition is fair with considerable foxing and aging and restored margins. For the person that likes their maps with age and character, this would be ideal, and is reflected in the pricing. Image size is approximately 14 .75 x 18.5 (inches),