(North America) A New & Accurate Map...

Mapmaker: Bowen, Emanuel

(North America) A New & Accurate Map...

c. 1778
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  • Fall Things 2020
  • (N.A.) A New & Accurate Map of North America; Drawn from the most Authentic Modern Maps and Chrts by Thos. Bowen

    A bold engraving for the continent showing the colonies stretching from the East Coast to the Mississippi River, where the vast Louisiana Territory and Mexico give way to large blank areas, with a massive "Parts Unknown" in the north. Does note on the western coast "New Albion", and the entrance to "The West Sea", as well as lands discovered by "Tschirkow"

    Condition is good though margins trimmed very close. Image size is approximately 10.75 x 17.25 (inches)