(North America) A New Map of North America...

Mapmaker: Lodge, John

(North America) A New Map of North America...


  • ~Catalog 57~
  • A New Map of North America, from the best Authorities, By John Lodge .

    A wonderful map that spans from coast to coast and offers the best of what was known at the time. While English colonies span from the Atlantic coast to the Mississippi river, they overlap the many tribal lands of native tribes from the "Cherakee" in present day Tennessee to the "Outagamis" in today's northern Wisconsin. Beyond the Mississippi river lay "Buffaloes Meadows" in the midst of the Louisiana territory. From here, speculation abounds, with some honest declarations. For instance as the Missour Rive ambles off into the plains it ends with the statement that "The Head of this River is unknown". Beyond it lay "Pikes Lake" which may connect to the "River of the West", which is just above the mythical golden cities of "Teguayo & Quivira", and just below the "Mountain of bright Stones". A yet to be charted Pacific Northwest is partially consumed by the mythical "Western Sea", as above it lay the "Parts Unknown". Many other interesting notations abound from the ficticious islands of Lake Superior, to the situations of the Spanish missions in the southwest.

    Condition is very good, with a repaired opening tear that just reached inside the border, and minor staining on the centerfold. Image size is approximately 13.25 x 14 (inches)