(North America) A New Map of the North Parts

Mapmaker: Moll, Herman

(North America) A New Map of the North Parts


  • ~Catalog 57~
  • A New Map of the North Parts of America claimed by France...

    In the cartographic battle between the French and English over their position and possessions in America, this map was a key volley back at the French after their landmark map of 1718 by Delisle. While Moll acknowledges the great advances of Deslisle, and in a small text is "ready to shew (Deslisle's map) to any Gentleman that desires", he incorporates the first hand information of English settlers in the Carolinas and other first hand accounts to enhance the understanding of the land. And with thanks mentioned to Richard Berisford, Nathaniel Blackmore and Thomas Naire he expands understanding of the area and challenges the French boundary claims, and alerts English settlers to French "Incroachments" into their lands. Also notable along the southeast coast is the territory of "Azilia" roughly in the area of Georgia, amidst the French spreading into the coast, above and below it. In the northeast, the massive Iroquois lands are shown around Lake Ontario, much larger than neighboring Pennsylvania or New York.

    And while it wrestles with the colonies and their lands, Moll's map also looks further south and west, noting specific locations of many tribes, as well as "wandering tribes" of natives. It also notes some of the major roads, points of mining, as well as areas of "leavel and good ground". In the western plains we see native tribes, and the general contours of the Missouri, Mississippi and other rivers, with Baron La Hontan's information shown at the headwaters of the Mississippi.

    Perhaps most immediately noticeable about the map, could be the massive depiction of the Island of California which looms just off the western coast, largerly labeled as "Parts Unknown". Few placenames are shown on the island save for the very southern tip, with a number of unidentifed channel islands in between.

    A rare and important map which is dedicated to Thomas Bromsall and includes two large insets for "The Harbor of Anapolis Royal", and for "A Map of the Mouth of the Mississippi and Mobile Rivers &c.", as well as a large vignette of the "The Indian Fort Sasquesahanok">

    Condition is very good, has been professionally restored and lined. Has typical close margins and some minor marginal chipping at top. Image size is approximately 24.25 x 40 (inches)