(North America) Map of the Sites of the Indian Tribes...

Mapmaker: Gallatin

(North America) Map of the Sites of the Indian Tribes...


  • ~Catalog 60~
  • Map of the Sites of the Indian Tribes of North America When first known to the Europeans about 1600 A.D. along the Atlantic and about 1800 A.D. on the Pacific.

    This is the very rare “Second Gallatin” which updates the landmark map by adding numerous tribes, including two tribes names added by stamp, not as printed additions (Pawnees, Arapahos). Geographical changes likewise are present as the Southwest has changed hands, and Mexico no longer holds Texas, and everything west of the Arkansas
    River drainage, including all of California. Now the “Great Sandy Desert” has changed to “the Great Interior Basin or California Desert”, with an “Unexplored” region neighboring it, east of the Colorado River. With this map comes its text Transactions of the American Ethnological Society Vol. II, and some great additional maps inside that focus on the Southwest, the Pacific Northwest, as well as “aboriginal” monuments of Ohio. Condition of the North America map is very good with some light aging to the paper and a small opening tear. The additional four maps have some variable foxing. Great study of native distribution and culture

    Condition is good with a small repaired rip at the top that just drifts into the border. Image size 23.5 x 18 (inches).