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(North America) North America. Performed under the Patronage...

c. 1765
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  • ~Catalog 59~
  • (North America) North America. Performed under the Patronage of Louis Duke of Orleans, First Prince of the Blood; By the Sieur D'Anville. Greatly Improved by Mr. Bolton. Engrav'd by R.W. Seale

    An absolutely crisp set of four sheets that are derived from the French cartographer D'Anville. This map which was translated into English by the Duke of Orleans, at the cost of "several thousand pounds", includes many additional "places and remarks since the Peace of 1763". Does an amazing job for the river system of the land, including a wealth for native tribes. While the southwest is still a "Great Space of Land unknown", it does show the New Mexico missions and extends a ways past Taos. A large inset looks at the potential waterways around Hudson's and Baffin's Bays. Can be readily joined to make a pristine wall map.

    Condition is very good. Dimensions vary on each sheet, if joined, image size would be approximately32.5 x 33.5 (inches)