(North America)  North America. Performed under the Patronage...

Mapmaker: Bolton

(North America) North America. Performed under the Patronage...

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  • North America. Performed under the Patronage of Louis Duke of Orleans. First Prince of The Blood" By the Sieur D'Anville...

    A dramatic map compiling French, Spanish and English information to illustrate the best of what was known for region. With a pretty articulate understanding of the Mississippi River and a good start on the Missouri River, it still struggles with the Ohio River and things beyond the Appalachia Mountains. In the Southwest, detailed coverage works up the Rio Grande to the missions in modern day New Mexico.

    Notes native tribe and colonies throughout, as well as key placenames. Spans from James Bay in Canada, to the north coast of South America, including all of Central America and the Caribbean

    Condition is good has been restored with some mostly marginal loss at the bottom and some light sporadic soiling. Image size is approximately 33 x 34 (inches).