(NY. - Manhattan) This isometric map...

Mapmaker: Anderson Map Co.

(NY. - Manhattan) This isometric map...

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  • Summer Things 2020 Part I
  • (NY. - Manhattan) This isometric map of Midtown Manhattan will help you to locate some interesting places in the world's most complex urban area

    At first, you feast your eyes on so much detail and considered attention to this central portion of Manhattan, but then it hits you... each of these buildings was photographed, then sketched out, then compiled into a master map, and finally photoed together, to start the printing process. It's almost overwhelming to consider the amount of work and mastery needed to complete such work. But it's also an almost unthinkably unique reference for a certain point and time in the life of the city. As New York has gone through waves of redevelopment and growth, this glimpse has enduring landmarks, as well as buildings vanished, which like ghosts of the past, will only live on the page.

    This advertising map from the notable New York map firm, Anderson Map Co., who started their efforts in the late 1950's and continued until the companies demise in the 1980's.

    Condition is exceptionally good. Image size is approximately 21.5 x 16.5 (inches)