(NY Marathon) Marathon-As-River

Mapmaker: Maher, Miranda

(NY Marathon) Marathon-As-River


  • Sports 2020
  • Marathon-As-River: -Mirands Maher's Aerial Map of the Marathon

    "I cried six times while running my first marathon"- "All I can hear is the steady beating of my heart and the wind rushing by my ears, and for that very moment I'm the fastest man alive."- "Just after the start I found myself behind a man wearing a T-shirt that said 'June 2nd 1997, heart attack- Nov 2nd 1997, marathon"

    It's these and many more quotes that capture the profound human experiences ingrained in marathons. This long poetic map rolls along part of the NYC, but really captures the many deep perspectives experienced along any marathon route. From a noted Brooklyn based paper artist, done on a translucent onion-skin type paper.

    Condition is good with minor misfolds. Image size overall is 10.25 x 60 (inches).