(NY - NY) Map of the Cities of...

Mapmaker: Valentine, T.

(NY - NY) Map of the Cities of...

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  • Summer Things 2020 Part II
  • (New York - New York) Map of the Cities Of New York Brooklyn Jersey City Hudson City and Hoboken 1859...

    With settlement and development concentrated on Manhattan, it becomes clear that NYC was still a more primitive city on the make as infrastructure and place names thing out quickly from southern Manhattan. Beyond Flatbush are the "New Lots", beyond Astoria is "New Astoria, and little else, with a few buildings being noted along the sparse roads. The Bronx is divided into "Morrisiania" and "West Farms", while on the other side of the Hudson, little exists beyond "Hudson City" and "North Bergen", save for a "English Neighborhood" in the north.

    Condition is very good with light toning to the paper, and good original hand color. Image size is approximately 18 x 11.5 (inches)