Streets of Soho map and guide 1980 1981 1982 1983 maps Art Spiegelman and Francois Mouly
(NY-Soho)  Streets Of Soho
(NY-Soho)  Streets Of Soho

Mapmaker: Spiegelman & Mouly

(NY-Soho) Streets Of Soho


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  • Art Spiegelman and Francois Mouly have been a dynamic cultural force since the 1970's and 80's. First pushing the envelope in underground comics, and later becoming an established anchor in comics and publishing. But it's when Art's biographical work "Maus" came out, documenting his family's plight in the Holocaust that literary critics took notice. Then came the Pulitzer, the Guggenheim and a stream of other awards and accolades. But as a couple anchored in NYC, there were lean times when they began to cast a wider net of work, beyond the comic genre. One instance was a local map for Soho. We have collected this set of four over the years and it documents a bit of the changing ecosysten of business and local interests in this part of Manhattan. While almost all of the work was done in house and published by "Raw Books Publication", one does show that it was "Distributed by Geographia Map Co." All are uncommon capture a different era for the evolution of Soho.

    Streets Of Soho - map and guide 1980 (Condition good with minor wear and cover scrawl)
    Streets Of Soho - map and guide 1981 (Condition is good with wear and fold tear)
    Streets Of Soho - map and guide 1982 (Condition is very good)
    Streets Of Soho - map and guide 1983 (Condition is very good) (Love the addition of Keith Haring graffiti and "Konk" tag )

    each map is 9 x 12, opening to 18 x 12 (inches)