(OH., PA.,IN., MI.,VA.) Valley of the Ohio

Mapmaker: Comins, Willie D.

(OH., PA.,IN., MI.,VA.) Valley of the Ohio

c. 1890

  • ~Catalog 65~
  • (OH., PA., IN., MI.,VA.,) Valley of the Ohio In 1750

    It was the method of the time for teaching geography by having students draw it. It was an approach that reveals a bit about education at the time as well as their approach toward teaching history. This map produced by a student is a beautiful instance of hand drawn cartography, and captures the frontier days of the Ohio River Valley. With hand color distinguishing between the US and the French claims of the region, it also notes the native tribes as well as more modern major cities for context.

    Condition is good with loss to the lower right corner and repair to the lower left, minor scuffing and dents. Size is approximately 8 x 7.25 (inches)