(Ohio) Ohio

Mapmaker: Arrowsmith & Lewis

(Ohio) Ohio


  • ~Catalog 52~
  • (Ohio) Ohio

    This map is the earliest separate map of the new state of Ohio and in many ways it is the most interesting state map issued by Arrowsmith and Lewis. The identical 1805 issue is illustrated in Smith, The Mapping of Ohio and described there. The map shows no does contain the Seven Ranges, Army Lands and Virginia Donation as well as several smaller land divisions and a very large Indian Lands. Only Army Lands and Seven Ranges are divided into sections. All the important Army Posts and battlefields from the wars of 1790-95 are shown and the site of Major Truemans death. This is a fascinating early map of the Ohio frontier. Very good.

    Image size is 10.5 x 8.5, uncolored as issued.