(Oil) Gulf Oil

Mapmaker: Harrison, Richard Edes

(Oil) Gulf Oil


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  • (Asia - Oil) Oil in the Orient - A Strategic Map of the Battle for Far Eastern Markets

    A 1930's look at the footprint of the Gulf Oil company at the time, showing pipelines, oil fields and with an inset for coastal Venezuela. Produced by the innovative cartographer Richard Edes Harrison, this map shows from Port Arthur Texas and the "Lucas Gusher at Spindle Top" where Gulf Began, it shows the connecting pipelines from West Texas and Oklahoma, up through the midwest to Pittsburgh and on to New York. Includes the many pipelines of Gulf's competitors, such as Shell, Sinclair, Tidewater and several others.

    Condition is good with some small repairs to the centerfold. Image size is approximately 13.25 x 21.5