(OK) Map, No 2

Mapmaker: Simpson - US Govt.

(OK) Map, No 2

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  • ~Holiday~2016
  • Map, No. 2. Showing A Continuation Of Details Of Forth Smith And Santa Fe Route From Old Fort Holmes To Mounds Near ...

    From the "Old Fort Holmes or Choteaus" westward to the "Antelope Hills" this very early map for the region shows the "Emigrants route" as well as the road used by the "U.S. Troops" as they wander along this stretch of the Canadian River. Notes major land features, and where "gypsum" could be found, as well as the tangle of small creeks. South of the river is listed as "Comanche And Kioway Range".

    Condition is very good, with typical closer top margin. Image size is approximately 11.25 x 19.75 (inches)