(OK. - Oklahoma City) Pocket Map and Street Guide of...

Mapmaker: Kenyon

(OK. - Oklahoma City) Pocket Map and Street Guide of...


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  • ~Catalog 61~
  • Pocket Map and Street Guide of Oklahoma City, Okla.

    Our first encounter with this rare folding map that is made to bolster the growing city. A detailed map that shows the grid of the streets, rail lines, the parks and stock yards, names neighborhoods, developments and the city's original plat. Notes the recently bankrupted Epworth University that would become O.C.U., details the layout of the Oklahoma State Fair Grounds.

    Complimented by a list of "principal, public and office buildings" and their addresses, as well as a convincing list of "Facts About Oklahoma City". In promoting the town, it lists; "It has 75 churches", "It has 12 banks", "It has 133 miles of Electric Street and Interurban Railways", and most importantly "It has a population of 83,000 prosperous happy people"

    Condition is good with some separations and minor repairs on the corner folds, the sheet overall is clean, and shows no evidence of have a cover or folder it was issued in. Image size is 36.5 x 23 (inches)