(Oklahoma - Guthrie) Indian Territory

Mapmaker: Fowler, T.M.

(Oklahoma - Guthrie) Indian Territory


  • ~Catalog 60~
  • (Oklahoma - Guthrie) Guthrie, Oklahoma. Indian Territory., Jan 22nd 1890

    It was nothing but a stop along the A.T.& S.F. railroad, the town of Deer Creek back in 1887. Not long prior to that and it was unassigned Indian lands that had been under the Creek Reservation. But after the land run of April 22, 1889 it became a city of thousands almost instantly. Four months later it was a full fledged town with banks, hotels, doctors, and plenty of businesses, and was on its way becoming the first territorial capital a few months later.

    This rare birds eye view of Guthrie shows the astounding growth of the "Queen of the Prairie" and it states just below the image that this is the town as it was sketched when it was nine months old. There is a large grid of streets a variety of homes and buildings, and a numbered key identifies two dozen buildings of interest, from the land office and public schools to the numerous businesses and churches. This promotional birds eye view was meant to capture the viewers imagination and hopes for a better life, and this view certainly holds a quality of promise and potential. This specific view was used as a promotional piece for local businessman, G.F. Herriot for his businesses, and real estate. In reviewing the price records we see no instance of this view being offered before.

    Condition is good and has been professionally restored and backed. some minor loss occurs along a few folds, but nothing that mars the image. Image size is approximately 19 x 32 (inches).