(Oklahoma) Indian Territory

Mapmaker: Pumphrey - G.L.O.

(Oklahoma) Indian Territory


  • ~Catalog 61~
  • (Oklahoma) Indian Territory

    Here, at the nation's centennial is the Indian Terriotry, dividided by Indian Reservations and interesting for its depiction of rivers, creeks, towns and a handful of roads. It does show the few rail lines in the eastern portion of the territory, and some general topography, but is clearly an area still primitively charted. This map issued by Pumphrey in his lecture on Indian Civilization is directly derivative of the General Land Office map issued in 1876, and is complete in its narrative text which discusses the situation of the tribes as they were throughout present day Oklahoma and Kansas in the fall and winter of 1876. Uncommon and interesting.

    Condition is good with wear and chipping to the paper covers, some small corner fold seperations on the map and a few small spots of foxing. The hand color is soft but still present. Image size is approximately 22 x 28(inches), text size is 9.25 x 6