(Oklahoma) Oklahoma

Mapmaker: Rand McNally

(Oklahoma) Oklahoma


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  • (Oklahoma) Oklahoma.

    Two years into statehood, and this map shows development as it was, but with a strange anomaly. While all of Oklahoma is divided into counties, without variation, there remains one reservation, not removed, the Osage. We haven't ever noticed this before on a Oklahoma map, but for some reason the Osage Reservation is show as remaining distinct from the rest of the new state.With Pawhuska as its seat, two rail lines cross this tract of land, which is still shown uncolored, unlike the other counties. At the turn of the century the Osage nation was different than some other tribes in that oil was discovered on their lands and in 1906 Congress passed an Allotment Act the guaranteed all persons on tribal rolls a portion of the royalties derived from the new found resources. Perhaps this is related.

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