(Oklahoma) Oklahoma and Indian Territory

Mapmaker: Dunn, J. E.

(Oklahoma) Oklahoma and Indian Territory


  • ~Catalog 58~
  • (Oklahoma) Indian Territory A Pre Commonwealth.

    One of the final promotional endeavors to bolster the "Indian Territory" cause for statehood. A beautiful illustrated text analyzes development, agriculture, history and many other points pertaining to the lands of the Five Civilized tribes, and includes a section on its potential "Future". Interestingly, while the author and his claimed objectivity look at the future of the Indian Territory and its potential statehood, he points out that Indian citizens only make up 12% of the territory at the time and that white men would indeed guide and establish it as a state, as the native has been unable erect a functional government for themselves "since 1833".

    Enclosed in the back of text is a nice folding map of the neighboring territories that would in just three years compose the new state of Oklahoma. The detailed map with a printed date of 1903 shows a wealth for towns and drainage as well as the regional and county boundaries. An inset shows the mostly unsettled panhandle as the "Northwestern Part of Oklahoma".

    Condition of the text is very good with a strong binding and decorative cover, and 250 pages of very clean text. The map is very good, with some repairs to old fold splits all without loss. Image size is approximately 18.5 x 22.5 (inches),