(Oklahoma – Oklahoma City) Map of Oklahoma City, Okla.

Mapmaker: Stacy Map Publishers

(Oklahoma – Oklahoma City) Map of Oklahoma City, Okla.


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  • (Oklahoma – Oklahoma City) Map of Oklahoma City, Okla....,

    Published not long after the land run, this folding pocket map of Oklahoma City is full of historical significance. Shows the “Packing House District” which would later become Packingtown, evolving into Stockyard City. Present day Oklahoma City University is listed as “Okla. City College”, also denotes “Street Car Barns”. Shows a wealth of information towards streets, parks, schools, downtown office buildings. Has a large inset for downtown OKC which denotes business, hotels, the civic center as well as the county jail Even has old route 66 namely “El Reno Blvd” which appropriately would take you to the town of El Reno, OK. Very detailed window into Oklahoma City's past.

    Condition is very good.
    Image size is31.5 X 19.75, black and white as issued.