(OR., WA.) PORTLAND/Mt St Helens

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(OR., WA.) PORTLAND/Mt St Helens


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  • (OR., WA.) PORTLAND/MT. ST. HELENS From Space

    There is a innate confidence that comes with photography, there's an unspoken surety of objectivity and accuracy. It's a wealth of detail, and it just seems to go on, and on. From the immediately recognizable ashen scar that was the aftermath of the eruption at Mt St Helens, to the verdant green forests, to the clusters of streets and buildings around Portland and neighboring Vancouver, it's engaging.
    But for outsiders that wouldn't have landmarks and points of reference ingrained in their experience, this is still opaque. While it's engrossing, it's hard for the viewer to get beyond the immediate surface to understand function and use.

    Condition is very good save for a few marginal tears. Issued on gloss stock.. Overall size is approximately 39 x 25