(Oregon) Clason's Guide Map of Oregon

Mapmaker: Clason

(Oregon) Clason's Guide Map of Oregon


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  • (Oregon) Clason's Guide Map of Oregon, Clason,

    “A Cloudless Sky, Invigorating Atmosphere, and Success...”. So goes the bold slogans around this map of Oregon, and though it may exaggerate a touch, it supplies a wealth of facts about crop yields, lots for sale, etc. the map map in the center is a great base by Clason that shows everything from roads and railroads to hydrography and regional boundaries. This map in particular is promoting Benton County, the home of the city of Corvallis and neighboring town of Philomath.

    Condition is good with one repaired rip to the text column on the left. Image size is 18.25 x 27.5, some printed color