(Pacific Northwest) Preston's Sectional And County Map of Oregon

Mapmaker: Preston

(Pacific Northwest) Preston's Sectional And County Map of Oregon


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  • (Pacific Northwest) Preston's Sectional And County Map of Oregon and Washington West of the Cascade Mountains. Compiled from United States Surveys and other authentic sources by J.W. Trutch and G.W. Hyde...

    A breathtaking rarity for this portion of the Pacific Northwest that does an incredible job in looking at the terrain, development and drainage of this beautiful area. From the Cascades to the Pacific coast it looks at the progress of the survey, the roads and towns, peaks, creeks, rivers and significant placenames. This is the first map to note the “Three Sisters” peaks east of Eugene whose original naming is attributed to the members of the Methodist Mission that settled in the area in the 1840s. (The peaks are individually named Mt Faith, Mt Hope, Mt Charity.) Spanning up to the farthest reaches of Washington Territory and the Puget Sound, it includes all the islands to the Gulf of Georgia and nearby Vancouver. Seattle is shown and practically the only town on the Admiralty inlet and the area. Hand colored by county it is surrounded with an ornate decorative border. We find no instance of this map being offered before in the price record.

    Condition is very good with a few spots of repaired fold seperation, but certainly no loss. In original hard covers with some wear and sunning, gold leaf title still bright. Image size is approximately 23 x 61.5 (inches),