(Pacific Northwest & Rockies) Oregon Missions

Mapmaker: De Smet

(Pacific Northwest & Rockies) Oregon Missions


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  • Oregon Missions.

    A beautifully restored first edition of De Smet's story, complete with folding map and illustrations. Father De Smet was born in Belgium but came to America in 1821 and with the Jesuit's began his work in the West. First he settled in what would later become Council Bluffs and set up a mission station. While there he assisted Nicolette in some of the mapping of the region, and tooks these skills with him as he moved on further West. Interestingly through the influence of some eastern tribes, the natives of the northern Rockies heard of Christianity and the role of priest which were termed “black robes”. These northern tribes sent four different parties to St Louis to find a “black robe”, and with the final request, Father De Smet was supplied. He returned to work with the Flathead and other tribes, and also mapped a massive swath of the Northern Rockies, Pacific Northwest and up into British Columbia.

    This wonderful text includes his story, and has been professionally restored with a tight spine, clean restored boards, and a lightly foxed text. Text is 413 pages, Image size of map is 8.25 x 10 (inches)