(Pacific - WWII) Pilots Reference Strip 955-B

Mapmaker: US Government

(Pacific - WWII) Pilots Reference Strip 955-B

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  • ~Catalog 59~
  • (Pacific - WWII) Pilots Reference Strip 955-B - San Cristobal to Buka I.

    Quite a relic, this thin strip map was a Pilot's reference map from World War Two that spanned from San Cristobal to Bougainville and Buka islands. With concentric lines emanating from the "airdrome" on the Russell Islands, this two sided map was used by pilots which were supposed to "MARK HEREON CORRECTIONS AND ADDITIONS WHICH COME TO THEIR ATTENTION AND MAIL DIRECT TO THE AIR FORCE ENGINEER 13th AIR FORCE". On the reverse side are three small maps showing the location of "Airdromes" (airports) on Buka, the recently conquered Bougainville, and New Georgia Islands. A rarity from the war and our first encounter with this format.

    Condition is good with some light staining. Our image illustrates both sides of the map. Image size is approximately 5 x 16 (inches)