(Pakistan - Afghanistan) Asiae IX Tab:

Mapmaker: Mercator

(Pakistan - Afghanistan) Asiae IX Tab:


  • ~Catalog 62~
  • (Pakistan - Afghanistan) Tab. IX. Asiae, Continens Ariam, Paropanisum, Drangianam, Arachosiam, et Gedrosiam. Medius Meridiamus iii. ad quem reliqui inclinantur ratione parallelorum 24 et 34.

    A later edition of Mercator's map based off the early foundational Ptolmaic work, this map focuses on what would be modern day Pakistan, Afghanistan and near neighboring areas. Notes a wealth of towns and cities, and shows the major drainage and mountain chains. Complimented by a nice decorative title cartouche.

    Condition is very good with attractive hand color. Image size is 14 x 15.75 (inches)