(Pennsylvania - nw) Cornplanters Kingdom

Mapmaker: King, Samuel A.

(Pennsylvania - nw) Cornplanters Kingdom


  • ~Catalog 60~
  • Cornplanter's Kingdom The Allegheny National Forest and Environs

    Cornplanter was a native american of mixed heritage who was born to a Seneca woman and a trader who was thought to be Dutch. He was a brave that fought for the tribe and in time worked with the newly established US on issues of land and treaties. He met George Washington and presented tribal grievances, and endured the hardships that natives did at the hands of the early US. Later in life he renounced all interactions with whites and sought solitude. This detailed pictorial map shows the lands that were once his and are now part of the Allegheny National Forest.

    Condition is very good. Image size is 23.25 x 17.25 (inches).