Pocket Map of the United States...

Mapmaker: Fort Dearborn Publ.

Pocket Map of the United States...


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  • Pocket Map of The United States and Uncle Sam's Family Tree

    This folding promotional map of the nation with a strong current of American expansionism.While the US map is a standard railroad base full of towns and the latest state and territorial boundaries, it has red overprint for the population of each region, and has additional insets surrounding for not just Alaska (estimated pop. “44,000”) and Hawaii, but also the Philippines and the Caribbean. The verso fleshes out some ideals with “Uncle Sam's Family Tree”, which has as its roots the early states and colonies, and many branches that eminate from the trunk after a recent conquest or purchase. For instance on the trunk states “Purchased of France 1803...” and from that springs a branch with state names of Oklahoma, Wyoming, Montana and many more. What's interesting is at the top of the tree are branches reaching named Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Philippine Islands. Both sides are illustrated. Condition is very good. .

    Image size is 13.25 x 20 (inches).