Principal Mountains of the World

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Principal Mountains of the World


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  • Comparative Height In Feet Of The Principal Mountains Of The World

    Though first glance may dismiss this basic mountain and river chart as average or not noteworthy, one significant notation tells a huge tale. Looming above Mt Everest and Kuchinjinga on this chart is "Mt. Hercules" a peak in New Guinea that towers at "32,768" feet. This addition was thanks to a celebrated account of explorations carried out by Capt. Lawson.

    Lawson wrote in his "Wanderings in the Interior of New Guinea" about his exploration, the animals discovered (numerous birds, human-like apes, odd oxen, monkeys) as well as plants and trees, and the massive peak they climbed in a day; Mt. Hercules. He supplied maps and details about the excursion, including those items he brought away from the trip including the skin of the enormous striped tiger, the "Moolah". His book was a raging success and when critics raised questions he responded quickly and with aggressive retorts. Numerous people who had spent time in New Guinea couldn't harmonize his experience with theirs and one asked for him to meet at a Royal Society, and to be bring the "Moolah" skin, and to discuss his journey. It was then that his stories fell apart and it all began to unravel. In the end Lawson's account was a hyper parody, that was a sensational telling of a trip he never made, to an island the Australian citizen had never been to. In the end he vanished into obscurity leaving only this footnote in history; Mt. Hercules.

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