Retreat of the Ten Thousand

Mapmaker: Rivington

Retreat of the Ten Thousand


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  • Retreat of the Ten Thousand.

    Cyrus coveted the Persian throne held by his brother Artaxerxes, but lacked the man power to overthrow him. So he conned the Greek army of mostly Spartans to help him put down a renegade tribe in the Taurus mountains and at the last moment, changed course and headed toward Babylon to overthrow Persian king. The battle was fierce and Cyrus was killed in the ensuing mayhem. With Cyrus dead there was no reason to continue but the Greeks found themselves a long way from home in inhospitable territory. This map shows the route to the battle and the long route home for the Greeks. They went through Armenia, northern Turkey, and made their way back to the safety of what is present day western Turkey.

    Condition is good with some offsetting and a restored right margin. Image Size is 9 X 11 (inches)