(Scandinavia-WWII) Mer Baltique...

Mapmaker: Bergelin, L.

(Scandinavia-WWII) Mer Baltique...


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  • Mer Baltique_ Etats Scandinaves

    A map made with an urgency, intending to sound an alarm for German expansion and the intent of the Nazis in Scandinavia and Europe. The color coding is explained at bottom as those states that were under a "foreign domintation", and points to the frightful changes that had occurred up to the time of its publication in April of 1940. We see both Soviet and Nazi advances in the area, but it's the small inset map that purports to be from a German publication in 1904 that shows the German confederation in 1950, as it engulfed many neighboring nations and borders. In actuality, in the months after this map was made it wouldn't come close to predicting the Nazi advances that would be much greater than imagined.

    Condition is good with some soiling and light dampstaining, and a few small pinholes throughout. Image size is approximately 20.25 x 28 (inches)