(South America) A Map of South America...

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(South America) A Map of South America...

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  • ~Catalog 60~
  • A Map of South America With all the European Settlements & whatever else is remarkable from the latest & best Observations.

    While the title might be a bit dramatic, this map for the continent is actually a solid reference for the time and does show the major placenames, though those being mostly coastal. Shows the regional borders, and does work at showing the complex drainage of the continent, as well as the locations of major native people groups. Does show nearby islands, though not all are understood yet, the best appear to be the Galapagos Islands. Complimented by a nice title cartouch.

    Condition is good with some light foxing and aging and close margins. For the person that likes their maps with age and character, this would be ideal, and is reflected in the pricing. Image size is approximately 18.75 x 15 (inches),