(South America & Central America) A New & Exact Map of the Coast

Mapmaker: Moll, Herman

(South America & Central America) A New & Exact Map of the Coast


  • ~Catalog 51~
  • (South America & Central America) A New & Exact Map of the Coast, Countries and Islands within ye Limits of ye South Sea Company, from ye River Aranoca....

    This map was part of a huge scandal, and the mapmaker had a significant role in the dilemma. The South Sea Company began in London as an idea to reap the riches of eastern Pacific and heart of South America, after ten years of invest and hype, it collapsed in what is remembered as the “South Se Bubble”. A lot of folks lost money, including the great Sir Isaac Newton. Moll's map served the endeavor of the Company, showing mountain passes in the Andes that didn't exist, which hinted at tapping into the continent's interior. Even at the bottom is a note map decrying a “very erroneous French map” which he corrects for its positioning of Cape Horn, bolstering the perception of the map's accuracy. As the riches never were realized the company's stock crashed, and the bubble burst in October of 1720. A map dense with placenames for the Pacific Coast of the Americas, including many along the island of California. Three large insets show “Baldivia”, “Guiaquil”, and “Chiloe”, with nine other insets flanking the map showing everything from a small chart of the Atlantic, to the Straits of Magellan and the Gallapagos.

    Condition is good with close and browned margins. Image size is 26 x 19.5, outline hand color.