(South Carolina)...Charleston Harbor and South Santee River

Mapmaker: US Government

(South Carolina)...Charleston Harbor and South Santee River

c. 1890

  • ~Catalog 57~
  • Map of Water Routes Between Charleston Harbor and South Santee River.

    A massive chart that stretches from the silhoutted shoreline of the city of Charleston South Carolina, up the coast to Bull's Bay and tracing up the Santee River. Along the way it notes waters depths, islands, creeks, and marshes, along with practical notations such as "This area consists of interspersed with creeks and large shallow bays which contain many mud and oyster banks". A long and basic map, but visually interesting. The photo we show is just a small title portion of this map which is over six foot long.

    Condition is good with small separations at cornerfolds, and some old misfolds, but better than what our small pictures can convey . Image size is approximately 21 x 82 (inches)