(South & Midwest) Florida, The North Part of....

Mapmaker: Moll, Herman

(South & Midwest) Florida, The North Part of....


  • ~Catalog 61~
  • FLORIDA, The North part of the Gulf of Mexico, with the adjacent Territories belonging to Great Britain & to France.

    A rare and interesting map for the southern portions "of North America", that is hand colored to distinguish the territorial boundaries of the French territory of Louisiana west of the Mississippi, and the Carolinas, Virginia, Georgia and "Neck of Florida" to the east. Notes native tribes throughout, including the seat of the "Cherakees" lands. Shows the roads in several areas, includes routes of "Ms. S. Denis in 1716" through present day Texas, as well as the route of "Ms Cavellier in 1687" through present day Louisiana and Texas. A large coastal notation identifies cannibals as "Wandering Indian Antropphages". A fine engraving and interesting study for the period.

    Condition is good with some light offsetting, and a light even toning to the paper. Image size is approximately 8 x 11 (inches)