(Southeast) New Map of Georgia

Mapmaker: Bernard, I. F.

(Southeast) New Map of Georgia


  • ~Catalog 54~
  • (Southeast) New Map of Georgia

    A sought after and uncommon map for very early Georgia and the Southeast itself. Spanning from the Mississippi River up to its junction with the "Illinois River", this map reaches to the Atlantic coast and down to some of the furthest island of Florida. Through present day northern Florida and neighboring gulfs state a large notice states, "no Inhabitants from tience to the Point Florida" (sic). Notes several native tribes with population estimates, "Okesee nation 700 men", "Nochees 500 men". Shows a continuous road labeled "Road to Virginia" that reaches from roughly central North Carolina weaving down through northern Georgia, the Gulf states, all the way to a town of 500 "Yassas" Indians along the Mississippi River, roughly in present day Louisiana.

    In Cummins great reference on maps of the Southeast, this map is number 234, and is mentioned as an "apparently enlarged reproduction of the map published in Martyn's Reasons for Establishing The Colony of Georgia in 1733. The engraver has made numerous omissions and has made errors because of his lack of knowledge of English: "no Inhabitants from tience [hence] to the Point of Florida".

    Condition is good with some supportive repairs on one fold, and a typically tightly cropped lower right hand margin. Image size is 7.5 x 10.25(inches).