(Southeast) Partie Meridionale

Mapmaker: Santini

(Southeast) Partie Meridionale


  • ~Catalog 57~
  • (Southeast) Partie Meridionale de la Louisiane, avec la Floride, la Caroline et la Virginie...

    A French perspective on the Southeast, the colonies and the land of the land as it was understood. Though mostly indebted to D'Anville, it does also infuse some of Mitchell's British information. Showing the English colonies claims contained by the Appalachia mountains, rather than stretching to the Mississippi river, here the Louisiane territory stretches well into the Mississippi and Ohio Valley, well into the upper Midwest. Interestingly this map includes a wealth for native tribal locations and villages and in the western boundary of the "Caroline" territories, a clearly noted land of the "Cherakis" is shown. Phillips, P.L. (Atlases) 647-48; Sellers & Van Ee #1408.

    Condition is very good. With some original outline hand color. Image size is approximately 19 x 23.75 (inches)