(Southwest) Carte General Du Royaume De La....

Mapmaker: Humboldt, Alexander Von

(Southwest) Carte General Du Royaume De La....


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  • Carte Generale Du Royaume De La Nouvelle Espagne depuis le Parallele de 16 jusqu'au Parallele de 18' (Latitude Nord"

    Somehow important figures can be lost in history. We can remember an Edison, but just rediscover Tesla. In the appreciation of Western history, we've somehow remembered John C. Fremont, but forgotten Alexander Von Humboldt, and that is changing. From books ("The Invention of Nature" or "The Passage to Cosmos") to articles (from the Economist to The Guardian) a new subgenre of discovering his genius is growing. Whether in the natural sciences, cartography or other fields, he has been the un-named force that people are now studying.

    When invited by New Spain to visit the country, he assembled the best cartographic work and compiled a foundational set of maps that would include new reference data from reliable travelers throughout the area. In his classic work on western cartography, Goetzmann states: “Alexander von Humboldt’s Carte General du Royaume de la Nouvelle Espagne proved to be the most important compendium of knowledge concerning the Southwest.”

    Spanning from Vera Cruz to Lake Timpanagos and the souther Rocky Mountains, he includes drainage detail, placenames, native tribes and a new view of a good portion of the continent. A rare landmark map for American, and Southwestern exploration.

    Condition is very good, with attractive hand color. Image size is approximately 39 x 27.5 (inches)