(Southwest) New Mexico and Utah

Mapmaker: Colton

(Southwest) New Mexico and Utah

c. 1859

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  • Colton's Territoreis Of New Mexico And Utah....

    As the Pike's Peak gold rush drew thousands of people into the region, there was a need for organization and government that both territorial Kansas and Nebraska couldn't necessarily supply quickly with their capitals being hundreds of miles away. A movement began to create a new territory based along the front range and the nearby mountains. This early territory of "Colona", sometimes also called "Jefferson" was intended to be this new territory, which would strive for existence for two years before being consumed into the new Colorado territory. This map is one of the better instances to show the Colona territory, just east of Utah and just north of New Mexico.

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    Condition is very good. Size is approximately 13 x 15.75 (inches)