(Southwest) Territories of New Mexico and Utah

Mapmaker: Colton

(Southwest) Territories of New Mexico and Utah


  • ~Catalog 60~
  • Territories of New Mexico and Utah

    Colton's famous map of the Southwest when it was entirely divided into the territories of New Mexico and Utah. Both are divided into counties that spread across them, but there is no hint of Nevada, Colorado or Arizona that were later carved out of the area. The entire region is crossed by trails and proposed railroad routes and numerous towns have appeared including a tiny Mormon settlement near today's Reno. While not hand colored the front range of the Rockies is divided by Nebraska and "Kanzas" territories A desirable map for the developing West. Wheat 832. Brown state 4

    Condition is good with some marginal soiling, but strong original hand color. Image size is 13 x 15.75 (inches).