(Space) (Astronaut Spacewalk)
(Space) (Astronaut Spacewalk)
(Space) (Astronaut Spacewalk)

Mapmaker: Wonderflex - Kraft

(Space) (Astronaut Spacewalk)

c. 1965
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  • (Space) (Astronaut Spacewalk), Wonderflex - Kraft, c. 1965
    This rarity was probably inspired by astronaut Ed White's extravehicular activity (EVA) of the time, where during the Gemini 4 mission he existed the capule for 23 minutes while on tether orbiting over the earth, this large colorful die-cut display is a stunning image. With bright color and metallic ink this promotional item was produced by Kraft who might have been capitalizing on their drink "Tang" that was utilized by NASA programs. At a time when NASA accomplishments were captivating the attention of many, this advertising connection was a golden moment to associate your company with history in the making.
    And while it's an interesting piece of Space Americana, it also captures a bit of a shift from the space fantasy images of the 1950's that had been rooted in science fiction, to a new trend of images that would be based in the science fact of recent Space race related accomplishments. Quickly the real world events are catching up with the imagined world of the future and fantasy space exploration.
    Produced by Wonderflex in Chicago this is a thick pressboard image that usually suffers from the loss of one or both of the astronauts legs, but here are both intact, though the longer one has been bent at one time. Condition is good. Overall size is approximately 29.25 x 44.25 (inches) $350.00