(Space - Space Shuttle) STS 37 Mission Chart
(Space - Space Shuttle) STS 37 Mission Chart

Mapmaker: DMAC

(Space - Space Shuttle) STS 37 Mission Chart

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  • (Space- Space Shuttle) STS 37 Mission Chart, DMAC, 1990
    The goals of this mission including the launching of the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory, an important next step in the "Great Observatories" program from NASA, as well as two space walks. It was a success. But. The weather back on earth had grown complicated as just about every potential standard landing strip from California to Florida the winds were too strong, or the region was stormy. It wasn't looking good for fair weather for quite a while and an alternative secondary spot was needed. Quickly a dry lake bed at Edwards in California began to look like the best option. It was typically muddy at that time of year, but after NASA geologists tested it out, it looked like it would work. Previous shuttle pilots began to test the landing strip in dry runs to see if it was reasonable, and it looked possible. In the end the shuttle dodged the wind shear in returning and amazingly landed safely with room to spare.
    This original chart is SIGNED by Jerry L. Ross, a mission specialist on this expedition, and is "FROM MY PERSONAL COLLECTION". Condition is very good. Image size is 15.5 x 40.5 (inches)