Spanische Halbinsel Blatt 4 (Spanish Coast)

Mapmaker: Perthes

Spanische Halbinsel Blatt 4 (Spanish Coast)


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  • Spanische Halbinsel Blatt 4... (Spanish Coast)

    An excellent example of the meticulous and fine engravings that German cartographers were making in the late 19th century. This map covers an interesting area of the Meditteranean showing much of the Spanish and African coast, as well as the islands of Ibiza and Formentera. Spans from Almeria to Valencia on the Spanish coast, and from Oran to Algiers on the Algerian coast. A single inset shows the environs of Madrid. Very precise. A mix of both printed and hand color.

    Condition is very good with some light age browning to the paper. Image size is 13.5 x 16 (inches).