(Success Map)

Mapmaker: Stevenson

(Success Map)


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  • (Success Map)

    With a young man sitting under a tree plotting his course, this New Yorker cover gives a lay of the land on how to get to Success City. There are a tangle of roads that lead to areas of "Potential", "Prestige" and "North Dropout", as well as a "Apathy Forest" and "Indolence State Park". But if you can get on the "American Dream Turnpike", or the "Success Expressway", it's no problem, you'll be there in a bit. And as the map shows, if you haven't made it yet, there is a planned addition to connect you to "Success Expressway" which is listed as "To Be Completed 1972".

    Condition is very good with some light wear. Image size is approximately 11.5 x 8