Supervue of New York City

Mapmaker: Freedman, Samuel

Supervue of New York City


  • ~Catalog 56~
  • Supervue of New York City.

    An interesting view of Manhattan noting streets, parks, and key buildings. An interesting product of the coming air age, it gives a view that starts at the bottom over Governors Island and fades into the horizon in the distance showing Bronx Park and points of interest in the area. It's a beautiful "birds eye view" style which strove for accuracy, and interestingly shows details and includes some neighborhood notations such as the "Hungarian Quarter" and "The Ghetto District". Issued over many different years, this is one of the earliest editions we known of, and is done in a attractive shaded lithographic style.

    Condition is good with wear to the folds and some minor repairs. Image size is approximately 22.75 x 16.25 (inches)