(Switzerland) “Wimmis Lauterbrunner Grindelwald Guttannen”,

Mapmaker: Stabsbureau, Eidg.

(Switzerland) “Wimmis Lauterbrunner Grindelwald Guttannen”,


  • ~Catalog 53~
  • (Switzerland) “Wimmis Lauterbrunner Grindelwald Guttannen”

    A rich folding map with a technical beauty and focus for the glaciers and mountains of the Alps. Doesn't miss a thing for detail of the towns and terrain, showing every road and apparently building that existed. But its real strength comes in its handling of the mountains, and the configuration of the glaciers, showing their elevation and slope throughout.

    Condition is very good with some minor foxing. 31.25 x 59.5 total image size, printed color