Kaohsiung City   高雄市  Takao, Takow, Takau

Mapmaker: Nan Hua

(Taiwan - Kaohsiung) Map Of Kaohsiung City

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  • Kaohsiung City
  • Taiwan
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  • (Taiwan - Kaohsiung) Map Of Kaohsiung City, Nan Hua, 1973
    Published in Taipei, here the great southern port city in simpler times. Still being layed out and expanded, there's an obvious focus on the central shipping area,
    the "Kaohsiung Export Processing Zone" or "K.E.P.Z." and how was something of the strong arm of the city reaching just into the bay and connecting it to a
    world of trade. Even a small inset shows a birds eye view of the K.E.P.Z. Includes a directory list of the city's streets. Condition is fair as the map has been
    bound around the edges with white tape and covers into the right edge of the image. Image size is approximately 29 x 20 (inches)